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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why shoulds we sabe the indengerets species?

Eber single animal in this wowld is heres fors somes reasons.  Theres somefins mes read about a food chains like hows fwom a itsy butsy ant it cans gos all the way to a giant animals likes an elefants.  Well, no only dos they habs to eat each others, each animal habs a purpose likes to take cares of somefins fwoms Moder Nashures.  Imagines if wes didnt habs tuwtles?!?!?!  Tuwtlews ares likes super old ans can helps understands those men on the whites coats abouts animals froms the past like dinos.  Manatees are near mes house ans mes seens thems.  Some meanie people likes to kills thems ans eat thems.  They so cutes!  Someone said peoplews use to confusse thems withes sirens.  LOL!!! Imagines thats!  But they desewbs to keeps libins cus the habs a purpose, just likes yous ans mes. 

Thens agains, no one has rights to decide who cans bes heres ans who cants.  DUH!  Yous not Gods! PFT~~~


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