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Monday, October 11, 2010

What animal would mes likes to study???


The coqui is a little brown frog that sings.  He only libs in Puerto Rico.  If yous takes hims away from the Island he dies.  At night he sings COQUI COQUI COQUI.  Its the most beautiful sound better, well it beats listenins to the annoyins crickets.  Whens mes gos far from mes island mes miss so much the sound of the coqui. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Why mes chose to gos to Oceanside Elementary...

Lasy year mes wents to HKE.  For mes, excepts for two or three peoples mes mets, it wasnt the best experience.  When mes graduated, mes told mes parents mes wanteds to go to another school.  Mes felts mes didnt really learned anyfins ans the main reason one goes to school is to learns new fings.  Wes lookeds all obers for a school.  After tawkins to mes good friend Kia she tolds mes about Miss Jill ans OSE.  Mes IMed Miss Jill asked her about the school after mes saw the buildins mes was combinced this was the right school for mes.  Mes lubs that theres so many extracurricular actibities ans mes been so luckeh cus mes met coolies peoples ans mes habs the bestest teacher, Miss Nevys whoms mes lubs ans mes will neber change.  Whereber she goes mes gonna go.

Mes just happeh to be at OSE!  GO DOLFINS!!!!

Once mes was scareds.. this whats happeneds...

Mes dont usually gets scareds cus the awesomest fing about SL is that yous cans TP outs ans mute peoples ans they will leabs yous alone.  Theres been times mes beens scareds cus of what people say or do but mes luckeh cus mes habs mes mama ans daddy ans mes aunty ans unkies ans mes sissy S ans they always take cares of mes.  The only time mes beens really scareds was when mes left mes first fameleh.  Mes didnt knos wheres to gos.  Mes fut mes will end up beins one of those kids that libs at MAW cus they habs nowheres to gos.  Thankfullys mes had Baby, Spirit ans Miss Thena ans they took me ins ans tolds mes eberfins woulds be alrights.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

How mes feels about Halloween...

Mes neber beens a big fan of Halloween.  Mes guess mes dont like puttins costumes on, though if mes felt like it no matter if its Halloween or nots I will dress crazy ans eats lots of candy. LOL!

Mes weally wish mes liked Halloween more but me dont likes scary stuff, mes kinda chicken.  Mes learned once that mes needs to accepts mes limitashons ans beings a chicken is one of them, so mes embrace its.  LOL!  Ok, ok, seriously, Halloween sounds likes funs whens yous surrounded by yous friends ans yous tp peoples houses.  This is mes Halloween checklist for this year: 1. Dress up super crazy. 2. Go trickortreatins askins for money, candy ans toys (preferibly the second one yummy!) 3. TP Miss Nevy's House (LOL!!!!)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Whats mes learns so fars from Miss Nevys class...

First of alls mes habs to says mes hads heards lots of stuff about Miss Nevy, that all her classes were funs ans yous learned a lot.  Mes habs to say its true!  Mes lubs Miss Nevy cus she pushes us.  Mes learned about adjectibs ans nouns, ans about biomes ans poetry.  Its so funs cus mes got to build the first fing in mes life!  Mes builds mes own biome!!!  We also learneds about rainforests ans other kinds of forests, the tundra (thats were the penguins libs) ans about the desert ans the cactuses ans the sea ans where the fishies lib. That was the awesomest fing ebers.  Mes cant wait to see what else we learns next of the year!

Friday, September 17, 2010

What if cows gabe rootbeer insteads of milks...

Mes finks Miss Nevy's in takins some speshal meds to comes up withes this topic.  LOL!!!  Mes habs no idea whats woulds happens.  Mes dont drinks rootbeers or any other soda.  But mes finks eberone woulds be gassy ans burpins all the times.  Imagines Mac & Cheese withes rootbeers instead of milk!  YUCKY!!!  Mes finks it woulds simply be disgustins...  LOL!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What mes lubs ans hates about the fall seasons...

Mes finks mes habs a lub/hate relashonships withes fall.  Mes sees the leabs fallins froms the trees in the mobies.  The colors are so prettys ans it also means halloweens is comins ans mes cans play dress ups ans ask for candy, toys ans money whens mes goes trick-or-treatins. 

On the other hands the fall seasons also means hurricane season to mes. That means, lots of rains, floodins, lots of winds ans if the actshual hurricane comes yous cans easily be a couples of weeks witheouts electricity ans water.  The up side of it its that ebens though theres no telly, its the chance to dust off all the board games ans play till the wee hours.  Nuffins likes an eberendins game of Monopoly under a candle light.