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Friday, September 3, 2010

Which quality best describes mes life...


Mes cant complaints about mes SL life.  Mes hab mes mama whos crazys ans mes hers ans mes sissy/bestie Spirit wes a disfuncshonals fameleh, thats what mama says cus the rest of mes fameleh is the peoples of Frankfurts, most spechallys Aunty Mr Nicky.  Mes daddy is heres too hes now withes Miss Kys who mes likes ans lubs lots ans lots. Mes habs mes sissy/bestie Spirit who mes cant imagines SL wifouts!  Thens theres mes aunty/godmama Syn whom mes adores ans her husbants unkie Jers ans mes cuzzies Tommer (fishypoop) ans Rainy ans mes unkie/goddaddy Haven ans his wife aunty Rai ans mes other cuzzy Timmy. 

Mama & Me
Sometimes mes feels lonelys but all mes habs to dos is looks arounds ans mes finds people that lubs mes just the way me is.  At end of the day isnt that whats importants?  Mes luckeh!

Daddy & Mes!


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