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Monday, September 20, 2010

Whats mes learns so fars from Miss Nevys class...

First of alls mes habs to says mes hads heards lots of stuff about Miss Nevy, that all her classes were funs ans yous learned a lot.  Mes habs to say its true!  Mes lubs Miss Nevy cus she pushes us.  Mes learned about adjectibs ans nouns, ans about biomes ans poetry.  Its so funs cus mes got to build the first fing in mes life!  Mes builds mes own biome!!!  We also learneds about rainforests ans other kinds of forests, the tundra (thats were the penguins libs) ans about the desert ans the cactuses ans the sea ans where the fishies lib. That was the awesomest fing ebers.  Mes cant wait to see what else we learns next of the year!

Friday, September 17, 2010

What if cows gabe rootbeer insteads of milks...

Mes finks Miss Nevy's in takins some speshal meds to comes up withes this topic.  LOL!!!  Mes habs no idea whats woulds happens.  Mes dont drinks rootbeers or any other soda.  But mes finks eberone woulds be gassy ans burpins all the times.  Imagines Mac & Cheese withes rootbeers instead of milk!  YUCKY!!!  Mes finks it woulds simply be disgustins...  LOL!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What mes lubs ans hates about the fall seasons...

Mes finks mes habs a lub/hate relashonships withes fall.  Mes sees the leabs fallins froms the trees in the mobies.  The colors are so prettys ans it also means halloweens is comins ans mes cans play dress ups ans ask for candy, toys ans money whens mes goes trick-or-treatins. 

On the other hands the fall seasons also means hurricane season to mes. That means, lots of rains, floodins, lots of winds ans if the actshual hurricane comes yous cans easily be a couples of weeks witheouts electricity ans water.  The up side of it its that ebens though theres no telly, its the chance to dust off all the board games ans play till the wee hours.  Nuffins likes an eberendins game of Monopoly under a candle light.

Monday, September 13, 2010

If mes was a mouse this is what mes would sees happenins in mes house...

Jessy the mouse woulds see Spirit ans mes humans mes rezzins all the boxes wes gottens from our hunts ans slappins boards expedishons.  Wes woulds bes laffins ans tryins out the weirdest creashons eber made in SL.  Mama woulds bes downstairs at the patio withes Mr Kuti, Mr Jogi, Aunty Mister Nicky ans all the peoples from Frankfurt that always hang out at our homes.  Theys bes in boice speakins Germans ans seens hes a bery smart mouse hes woulds understand.  Theys probably floatins on mes Nemo kiddie pool or swingins on the porch seat. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

What does the month of Spetember reminds mes of

This mes first September in SL.  So mes creatins new memories which Im sure next year wills helps mes answer this question better.  So far it has brought mes happiness ans sadness, a bit of both.  First, mes decided to calls mes daddy's girlfriend Mami.  Wells, shes part of mes daddy's life ans hes happeh ans shes always so sweet ans nice that its easy to lubs hers.  mes ecited cus mes gonna be their flower girl whens they gets married ans mes gets to wear a pretty dress. 

Mes also happeh cus Timmy is mes boyfriend.  Hes lubs mes ans mes lubs hims.  Hes nice, funneh ans takes good cares of mes, eben though he sometimes farts (LOL!)  Hes now a cowboy cus Unkie Jers got horsies from Ozimals ans hes been workins on buildins the ranch withes Unkie.  Mes ebens got to name one of the horsies!  Her name is Lola, ans no shes not a showgirl, BUT, she habs puurple diamons eyes.  Shes so pretty!!! Mes lubs hers.
Timmy & Mes
On the other hand, mes got kicked out of Scouts Camp.  Mes was playins withes fire ans told Miss Fairy she needed to learn how to spells.  Mes knos mes was rude but she also humilliated mes.  Mes got sad cus Spirit is now by herselbs at the camp ans shes supers shy :(
Mes right before the "incident" at camp.
But the best fing about Spetember is that its the start of Fall ans mes lubs the cool weather ans the change of colors.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What woulds happens if kids rules the world!!!

If kids rules the world theres wouldnt bes any wars. 
If kids rules the world wes solbe problems by habins candy ans ice creams. 
If kids rules the world theres wouldnt be ugly fings on tv ans on the news.
If kids rules the world no kid woulds be unhappeh cus wes knos how to make fings better.
If kids rules the world eberones woulds be smilins.
If kids rules the world theres woulds be no lies ans fights.
If kids rules the world theres woulds be free candy ans ice creams for eberones.
If kids rules the world recess woulds be 6 hours ans math class only 30 minutes.
If kids rules the world theres wouldnt be guns.
If kids rules the world the world woulds be a happeh place!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Which quality best describes mes life...


Mes cant complaints about mes SL life.  Mes hab mes mama whos crazys ans mes hers ans mes sissy/bestie Spirit wes a disfuncshonals fameleh, thats what mama says cus the rest of mes fameleh is the peoples of Frankfurts, most spechallys Aunty Mr Nicky.  Mes daddy is heres too hes now withes Miss Kys who mes likes ans lubs lots ans lots. Mes habs mes sissy/bestie Spirit who mes cant imagines SL wifouts!  Thens theres mes aunty/godmama Syn whom mes adores ans her husbants unkie Jers ans mes cuzzies Tommer (fishypoop) ans Rainy ans mes unkie/goddaddy Haven ans his wife aunty Rai ans mes other cuzzy Timmy. 

Mama & Me
Sometimes mes feels lonelys but all mes habs to dos is looks arounds ans mes finds people that lubs mes just the way me is.  At end of the day isnt that whats importants?  Mes luckeh!

Daddy & Mes!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If mes coulds bes any animals mes woulds bes...

This a queshtion peoples likes to asks lots.  Mes always gibs a diffewent answer cus it depends ons how mes feels that day.  Today mes feels mes woulds likes to be a:

Mes likes birds cus they fly ans they cans go anywheres they likes.  Theys always fly in gwoups withes theres mamas ans daddy ans mes likes that.  If yous fly yous cans gos anywhere in the wowld ans see eberfins not miss anyfins at all.  Today mes wish mes had feathers ans fly away!

Why shoulds we sabe the indengerets species?

Eber single animal in this wowld is heres fors somes reasons.  Theres somefins mes read about a food chains like hows fwom a itsy butsy ant it cans gos all the way to a giant animals likes an elefants.  Well, no only dos they habs to eat each others, each animal habs a purpose likes to take cares of somefins fwoms Moder Nashures.  Imagines if wes didnt habs tuwtles?!?!?!  Tuwtlews ares likes super old ans can helps understands those men on the whites coats abouts animals froms the past like dinos.  Manatees are near mes house ans mes seens thems.  Some meanie people likes to kills thems ans eat thems.  They so cutes!  Someone said peoplews use to confusse thems withes sirens.  LOL!!! Imagines thats!  But they desewbs to keeps libins cus the habs a purpose, just likes yous ans mes. 

Thens agains, no one has rights to decide who cans bes heres ans who cants.  DUH!  Yous not Gods! PFT~~~