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Monday, September 13, 2010

If mes was a mouse this is what mes would sees happenins in mes house...

Jessy the mouse woulds see Spirit ans mes humans mes rezzins all the boxes wes gottens from our hunts ans slappins boards expedishons.  Wes woulds bes laffins ans tryins out the weirdest creashons eber made in SL.  Mama woulds bes downstairs at the patio withes Mr Kuti, Mr Jogi, Aunty Mister Nicky ans all the peoples from Frankfurt that always hang out at our homes.  Theys bes in boice speakins Germans ans seens hes a bery smart mouse hes woulds understand.  Theys probably floatins on mes Nemo kiddie pool or swingins on the porch seat. 


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