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Friday, August 27, 2010

People who takes apbantage of other peoples

Mes hates peoples that take apbantage of others.  Mes finks its cruel ans nasty.  You see, mes dont likes injustices, mes finks eberones shoulds bes sincere ans trutftfuls.  Thats one of the reasons mes always speaks mes minds.  Mes always say fings the way mes sees thems.  Some peoples, mmm most peoples dont likes it.  Mes guess people aws not ready to hears the truth.  Mes hates peoples withes secret agendas ans those are ushually the ones that tend to take apbantage of others. 

Mes aunty taughts mes about karma, what goes around, comes around.  So for peoples takins apbantage of others... theres it is!  PFT~~~~~~


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