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Friday, September 10, 2010

What does the month of Spetember reminds mes of

This mes first September in SL.  So mes creatins new memories which Im sure next year wills helps mes answer this question better.  So far it has brought mes happiness ans sadness, a bit of both.  First, mes decided to calls mes daddy's girlfriend Mami.  Wells, shes part of mes daddy's life ans hes happeh ans shes always so sweet ans nice that its easy to lubs hers.  mes ecited cus mes gonna be their flower girl whens they gets married ans mes gets to wear a pretty dress. 

Mes also happeh cus Timmy is mes boyfriend.  Hes lubs mes ans mes lubs hims.  Hes nice, funneh ans takes good cares of mes, eben though he sometimes farts (LOL!)  Hes now a cowboy cus Unkie Jers got horsies from Ozimals ans hes been workins on buildins the ranch withes Unkie.  Mes ebens got to name one of the horsies!  Her name is Lola, ans no shes not a showgirl, BUT, she habs puurple diamons eyes.  Shes so pretty!!! Mes lubs hers.
Timmy & Mes
On the other hand, mes got kicked out of Scouts Camp.  Mes was playins withes fire ans told Miss Fairy she needed to learn how to spells.  Mes knos mes was rude but she also humilliated mes.  Mes got sad cus Spirit is now by herselbs at the camp ans shes supers shy :(
Mes right before the "incident" at camp.
But the best fing about Spetember is that its the start of Fall ans mes lubs the cool weather ans the change of colors.


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