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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What mes lubs ans hates about the fall seasons...

Mes finks mes habs a lub/hate relashonships withes fall.  Mes sees the leabs fallins froms the trees in the mobies.  The colors are so prettys ans it also means halloweens is comins ans mes cans play dress ups ans ask for candy, toys ans money whens mes goes trick-or-treatins. 

On the other hands the fall seasons also means hurricane season to mes. That means, lots of rains, floodins, lots of winds ans if the actshual hurricane comes yous cans easily be a couples of weeks witheouts electricity ans water.  The up side of it its that ebens though theres no telly, its the chance to dust off all the board games ans play till the wee hours.  Nuffins likes an eberendins game of Monopoly under a candle light.


Nevalyn Looming said...

there was a time that my family lost electricity and water, it was horrible and it lasted for two weeks. towards the end of the second week we had vultures perched up on our roof... just waiting. >.> but i have so much to be thankful for. wonderful entry. : )

Sloane Woodford said...

I am terrified of hurricanes too! Only been through one bad one but I have flashbacks to it when the wind blows that scary whistling sound.

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