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Sunday, October 3, 2010

How mes feels about Halloween...

Mes neber beens a big fan of Halloween.  Mes guess mes dont like puttins costumes on, though if mes felt like it no matter if its Halloween or nots I will dress crazy ans eats lots of candy. LOL!

Mes weally wish mes liked Halloween more but me dont likes scary stuff, mes kinda chicken.  Mes learned once that mes needs to accepts mes limitashons ans beings a chicken is one of them, so mes embrace its.  LOL!  Ok, ok, seriously, Halloween sounds likes funs whens yous surrounded by yous friends ans yous tp peoples houses.  This is mes Halloween checklist for this year: 1. Dress up super crazy. 2. Go trickortreatins askins for money, candy ans toys (preferibly the second one yummy!) 3. TP Miss Nevy's House (LOL!!!!)


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