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Monday, October 4, 2010

Once mes was scareds.. this whats happeneds...

Mes dont usually gets scareds cus the awesomest fing about SL is that yous cans TP outs ans mute peoples ans they will leabs yous alone.  Theres been times mes beens scareds cus of what people say or do but mes luckeh cus mes habs mes mama ans daddy ans mes aunty ans unkies ans mes sissy S ans they always take cares of mes.  The only time mes beens really scareds was when mes left mes first fameleh.  Mes didnt knos wheres to gos.  Mes fut mes will end up beins one of those kids that libs at MAW cus they habs nowheres to gos.  Thankfullys mes had Baby, Spirit ans Miss Thena ans they took me ins ans tolds mes eberfins woulds be alrights.


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