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Monday, October 4, 2010

Why mes chose to gos to Oceanside Elementary...

Lasy year mes wents to HKE.  For mes, excepts for two or three peoples mes mets, it wasnt the best experience.  When mes graduated, mes told mes parents mes wanteds to go to another school.  Mes felts mes didnt really learned anyfins ans the main reason one goes to school is to learns new fings.  Wes lookeds all obers for a school.  After tawkins to mes good friend Kia she tolds mes about Miss Jill ans OSE.  Mes IMed Miss Jill asked her about the school after mes saw the buildins mes was combinced this was the right school for mes.  Mes lubs that theres so many extracurricular actibities ans mes been so luckeh cus mes met coolies peoples ans mes habs the bestest teacher, Miss Nevys whoms mes lubs ans mes will neber change.  Whereber she goes mes gonna go.

Mes just happeh to be at OSE!  GO DOLFINS!!!!


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