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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If mes had any supew power mes woulds habs the power of...

T I M E  T R A B E L!!!!
Mes woulds lub to be able to time twabel.  Mes lubs twabellins ans leawnins about fings that happens in the past.  Mes also cuwious abouts whats gonna happens in 200 yeaws fwom nows.  Maybe ebens beens thewes like whens they fiwst imbented ice cweams ows bubble gums!  LOL!  Imagines beens able to say that mes was the fiwst pewson to ebew twys ice cweams YUMMY!!!!  Alls mes knos is mes woulds likes to see what happens alweady thats impowtants ans to be able to see whens the wole wowld finalls stops fightins.


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